Prayer Focus
January 17
Today we are praying for a miracle for the neighbor living to the left of YOUR home. While you might not know what miracle they need, pray for God to interrupt their lives, revealing Himself and meeting their need. Then ask God to miraculously cause a conversation to take place where you can share the miracle of forgiveness and enternal life.
January 16
This week we are praying for miracles. We are asking God to interrupt our norm, giving room for His supernatural. Today let’s pray for CenterPointe’s youth ministry. We have a great youth ministry but we are praying for more. Pray for God to miraculously move, bringing kids to Himself and raisING our kids to new levels in Him.
January 15
Sunday we talked about miracles. We learned that we play a part in seeing that miracle realized. It requires trust in who Christ is and taking a risk (acting our faith) acting on what we believe. What miracle do you need? Today, start acting on what you believe by asking for and expecting God’s miracle in your life.
January 14

We started this week praying for praying for God’s blessing on CenterPointe. Now that we are one week into our 12-week 1% challenge, together let’s pray for our families. Specifically, pray for God to financially bless your family (and families you’re in relationship with) in 2018. Ask God to do something financially extraordinary.

January 13

Today, let’s pray for marriages. If you’re married, pray for your marriage and those you know who are married. For healthy marriages, pray for ongoing blessing. For struggling marriages, pray for healing. For broken marriages, pray for restoration. For future marriages, prayer for direction.

January 12
expanding impact

Palm Bay is growing. More people are moving in and more developers are taking aim at this city. Pray that God would cause CenterPointe’s influence to grow and our impact to expand.  Pray God gives us the faith to boldly follow him in 2018.

January 11
state leaders

i Timothy 2:1-2, tells us to pray for our government leaders. Today, pray for Governor Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Senators Rubio and nelson, and others who serve in tallahassee.  pray for wisdom, discernment and knowledge.

January 10

Last week we prayed for the neighbor living across the street from you.  Today, pray God’s blessing on the neighbor living behind you.  pray for an opportunity to share your journey of faith with them.

January 9
CP blessing

The Church is the people not an institution or structure.  together we are the church. so today, pray for the church called centerpointe.  ask god’s blessing in our united outreach, community impact, and finances.  ask god to continue to raise up leaders and give those leaders the wisdom to follow god’s leading.

January 8

As we learned on sunday, relinquishing ownership to god is a lifetime struggle. yet, giving god control of every part of our lives is essential to becoming a fully developed follower of christ.  Today, and every day you think of it, tell god that all your stuff is really his stuff.  he can do whatever he wants with his stuff.

January 7
next steps

You started the week asking for God’s clarity concerning changes He wants to work in your life. Let’s end the week asking for the next steps, moving toward those changes and faith to take them.

January 6
Your city

Pray God’s blessing on your city. Pray for the mayor and city council, by name if possible. Pray for God’s blessing on them and their families. Pray for God’s wisdom in leading your city.

January 5
church family

Pray for God to make clear the direction He would have CenterPointe to move toward. Pray for Pastor Tom and the staff to have the wisdom and courage to move in His direction.

January 4

Today pray for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Pray as specifically as time allows. If you are pressed for time, just mention their name in prayer. God knows what they need.

January 3

Pray God’s blessing on the neighbor living across the street from you. Pray as specifically as you can for their career, family, and spiritual prosperity.

January 2

In every aspect of life; we don’t need God’s help, we need His divine enablement. As we begin this prayer journey together, ask God to cause you to be faithful to our united prayer effort.

January 1

Today ask Christ to show you what 2 or 3 changes you need to make in 2018. When you think you’ve identified them, ask Christ to take charge; to guide you and give you the strength to bring about His change for you.