20|20 Vision
April 2018
Miracle goal blown away!
Today we revealed how much was pledged to start our very first multisite campus! Our victory goal was $200,000 and our miracle goal was $250,000. Well guess what!?! God exceeded our miracle goal! $272,968!!!


Thank you, Lord, for how you’re moving at CenterPointe!!!

Count on me!
God’s mandate is for the church, you and I, to reach people with the message of Christ. That begins in our own neighborhoods. As our city grows, CenterPointe must grow with it. As our city changes, CenterPointe will change to meet the changing needs.
That is what the No Borders Campaign is about. We want to reach every person, in every neighborhood, by bringing the church to them.

Our mission is to start multiple churches in Palm Bay and the surrounding cities. Our 2020 vision is to start two other churches by December 2020. Our first one is targeted to begin Easter 2019. 

If we can count on you financailly to come along side of us, please fill out the “Count on me” form here.
February 2018
To be a church without borders that inspires others to experience His life, engage His truth and express His love.