CP Kids COVID19 Policies & Procedures for Reopening

The purpose of the following Policies and Procedures is to provide guidelines for reopening and maintaining a safe environment for children in CP Kids to gather and engage in the kid’s services, events, and activities at the church. These policies and procedures will be enforced to the best ability of our staff and volunteers, but also requires the honest adherence by families. If necessary, these guidelines may also be used to determine if CP Kids must be closed or open.

These policies and procedures follow the Guidelines provided by the CDC, in addition to precautionary measures determined necessary to maintain a healthy and safe environment in CP Kids.

Steps to reopen CP Kids classrooms

  1. CP Kids room will be capped at [25] in addition to being able to maintain a social distancing standard of 6- feet by all kids ages 3 and up.
  2. CP Kids volunteers are informed of new procedures
  3. CP Kids rooms will present information signage materials and provide materials for sanitizing, deep cleaning, and screening.
  4. CP Kids will ensure no child in the ministry or immediate family have tested positive for COVID-19. In the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis within CP Kids and/or families, the CP Kids will close for the necessary time to ensure the safety and health of all families.
  5. CP Kids and CP Kids JR will be reopened based on the above guidelines and will open based on age, starting with our oldest rooms first. (K5- September 13th ; JR- October 4th)
  6. CP Kids rooms may be closed and reopened as necessary, as determined by Centerpointe Church staff in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all children and families.

Limiting Class-Size, Social Distancing, and Masks in CP Kids

  1. Class sizes must be limited in the following ways:
    a. To stay at or under the max gathering size.
      1. CP Kids room: 25
      2. Preschool room: 8
      3. Toddler room: 8
      4. Nursery: 6
  1. To provide adequate space for social distancing
    c. To adhere to safe adult to child ratios


  1. In order to maintain class size limits, the following procedures will be followed as long as is necessary as determined by Centerpointe Church Staff:
    1. Pre-Registration/Registration of all children for all classrooms.
    2. Parents will be encouraged to limit their kid in church for only 1 service


  1. Social Distancing Guidelines will be observed as follows, to the best ability of our staff and volunteers, in conjunction with other measures listed below, such as screening procedures, hand-washing, etc., with the understanding that staff and volunteers cannot physically restrict children.
  2. Kids under age 3: No social distancing guidelines will be followed.
    b. Kids in Preschool room: The 6’ Social Distancing Guidelines will be encouraged and

   supported with adequate space and seating parameters set.

  1. Kids in K through 5th Grades: The 6’ Social Distancing Guidelines will be enforced in.

    Kids will be granted grace, but if a kid is determined to be ignoring the social

    distancing guidelines repeatedly, parents will be asked to pick-up their child.


  1. Masks in CP Kids
  2. Kids in CP Kids JR Classrooms will be encouraged but not enforced to wear a mask to cover their nose and mouth, unless they are determined to be necessary. If a kid is unable to wear a mask for a duration of time, if necessary, parents may be asked to keep their child with them.
  3. Kids in CP Kids room (K- 5th Grade) will be asked to follow the same guidelines as adults regarding masks within the sanctuary in order to protect them and those vulnerable during their time at church. If a kid is unable to wear a mask for a duration of time, if necessary, parents may be asked to keep their child with them.

Screening Procedures at CP Kids check-in

All persons entering the CP Kids (with the exception of those passing through; ie Worship team) must be screened before checking-in. The screening process will include the following:

  1. Temperature Check using a sanitized, CDC approved thermometer
  1. Answer the following questions. (Answers must be NO to each question in order for a child to be checked into a classroom.)
  1. Have you or your child(ren) experienced any fever or flu-like symptoms in the

past week?

  1. Have you or your child(ren) been exposed to someone who you know or believe has the Coronavirus in the 14 days?
  2. Have you or your child(ren) traveled outside of the state in the last week?
  3. Show that all kids, ages 3 and up, have a mask that can be worn, if determined

necessary during the time they are in CP Kids or main service.

Drop-off & Pick-Up Procedures

All kids and families will need to pass through the screening area and check-in area before kids will be permitted into classrooms.

  1. All kids must submit to the screening process as outlined within these policies.
  2. Parents do not need to submit to the screening process unless there is a need to go into the hallway or classrooms as approved by a CP Kids Serve Team member.
    1. A CP Kids Serve Team member will escort kids to classrooms.

The Location of Screening/Drop-off & Pick-up Areas:

  1. The Screening Area will be at CP Kids check-in (entrance of hallway).

Families will line-up to maintaining social distancing recommendations.

No kids or families will be permitted down hallway if screening is failed.

  1. Pick-Up Locations will be as follows:
    1. CP Kids JR will pick-up their kids at the CP Kids check-in area
      1. A CP Kids Serve Team member will escort each kid down the hallway when parents arrive for pick-up
    2. CP Kids pickup will be at the southeast door to sanctuary
      1. A CP Kids Serve Team member will escort each kid out of CP Kids room and into sanctuary when parents arrive for pick-up
  1. Kids Ministry Volunteers and Staff to limit the spread of germs on touch-screens.
  2. No parents/guardians will be permitted into hallway or classrooms during pick-up times, unless considered necessary.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, staff and volunteers will be trained to follow COVID-19 procedures as best as possible, however, the immediate safety of kids and families will be our priority and therefore, we will defer to standard emergency procedures of locking doors and seeking safe shelter.

Classroom Procedures

  1. Kids must immediately sanitize hands upon entering the classroom.
  2. Kids will be asked to wear masks if it is determined to be necessary.
  3. Kids will be asked to observe Social Distancing policies.
  4. Kids who need diapers changed or need help in the bathroom will be helped by a CP Kids Serve Team member.
    1. Volunteers to wear gloves while changing diapers or helping in the bathroom.
    2. Volunteers must change gloves between each child, and wash hands.
    3. Kids must wash hands after using the restroom.
    4. Bathroom use must be limited to one child at a time, including during hand washing procedures, in order to maintain social distancing standards.
    5. Small toys to be swapped out between each service by incoming volunteer.
    6. All play surfaces to be wiped down by outgoing volunteer.
    7. Snacks (CP Kids JR) will only be pre-packaged and wiped down beforehand.


  1. Kids must wash hands for at least 20 seconds before snack is served.
  2. Kids must use hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol after snack is complete.
  1. No drinks will be provided to kids in any classrooms. Children will be permitted to bring their own drinks with them, as long as they are clearly labeled with the child’s name. Water fountains will not be in use during this time.
  2. Toys, Books, and other items will be limited in each classroom. Items used in the classroom will be sanitized each week.
  3. Classroom furniture and/or seating areas will be reset in each classroom to encourage and follow the Social Distancing standards outlined herein.
  4. Classroom doors will be propped open during drop-off and pick-up to limit the use of handles and spread of germs.
  5. A no-touch policy will be encouraged in all classrooms, with the exception of helping younger children as needed. Limiting high-fives, fist-bumps, hugs, etc. will be important during social distancing.
  6. All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized after gathering each week.
  7. The following supplies will be available to all classrooms each Sunday:
      1. Gloves
      2. Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol)
      3. Toilet Paper
      4. Paper towels
      5. Lysol Wipes
      6. Baby Wipes
      7. Antibacterial Hand Soap
      8. Disinfectant Spray


Family Responsibility & Expectations

  1. We ask that all families exercise personal responsibility during this time in efforts to follow CDC recommendations and keep all members and guests of Centerpointe Church healthy and safe. We ask families to observe and respect the following expectations:
  2. Do not bring kids who have experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms within the past week (with or without fever).
  3. Notify Centerpointe Church Staff if/when any member of their immediate family has been diagnosed or directly exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  4. Notify Centerpointe Church Staff if/when any child begins experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.
  5. Educate and equip kids and family on the importance of social distancing behavior.

Guidelines to CP Kids Serve Team during COVID-19

  1. All volunteers must be under the age of 65 and have no underlying medical conditions which would predispose them to a complication of COVID-19.
  2. All volunteers must be willing and able to follow the policies and procedures as outlined herein.
  3. All volunteers must wear facemasks while serving in Kids Ministry.
    1. Custom CP Kids masks (washable) are available for all volunteers
  4. Any volunteer who does not feel comfortable serving in CP Kids is asked to

communicate that to Pastor Stephen so that an alternate volunteer can be located

or classrooms closed, as needed.

  1. All volunteers must submit to the screening process as outlined in these policies.
  1. Any volunteer who fails the screening process will be asked not to serve on that Sunday.


Wacky Wednesday Guidelines

  1. All policies (except drop-off and pickup locations) are the same.
  1. Drop-off: Outside in park
  2. Pick-up: Pickup at CP Kids check-in
    1. Walkie talkies will be utilized to communicate escorting kids down hallway to check-in.