21 Day Prayer Guide
Day 1              1 John 5:14
Together, let’s begin by asking God for the strength to be faithful to our 21-day commitment. Ask him for the stamina to fast and to pray. Together, may we seek God’s guidance, so he will use our prayers to make his will our reality.
Day 2     Colossians 3:13
Pray for unity within your immediate and extended family. Where there is tension, pray for peace. Where there is discord, pray forgiveness takes its place.
Day 3.     proverbs 6:20
In every generation, the enemy tries to entice us to compromise our values. Too often, he is successful in his attempts. Our kids are especially susceptible. Pray for the children in your family and their social circles.
Day 4                 isaiah 41:10
In many ways, the family is under cultural attack. Pray that God would strengthen your family to withstand the anti-God onslaught.
Day 5                  hebrews 13:4
Today, we’re praying for future husbands and wives. Many praying today are single but would like to be married. Pray for the person, a God-honoring man or woman, to come at the right time. Pray for a long, healthy, and godly marriage.
Day 6                 psalms 37:4
Pray for future children. You may be a couple who wants children, but haven’t been able to conceive. If that’s not you, I’m sure you know someone in that situation. Pray for God’s will, God’s peace, and for God to give you [them] the desire of your [their] heart.
Day 7                 luke 15:20
Pray for your family and families you know, to be godly ones. Pray for parents to be faithful to Christ and model that faithfulness. Pray for children to walk with God, early on. Pray for prodigals to come home.
Day 8                 hebrews 13:21
Today, pray that God’s vision for CenterPointe will be very clear and that we will have the faith and the will to pursue it. Pray God’s will to be accomplished through our church.
Day 9               1 timothy 2:1-4
Pray for the church leaders (church board, staff, and ministry leaders). Pray God protects them from the enemy’s attacks. Pray God strengthens their families. Pray they have the wisdom to lead our church forward, according to his direction.
Day 10                     Acts 1:8
Pray for CenterPointe’s missionary outreach. Pray for the CP mission leadership team. Ask for God’s ongoing direction & financial supply. Pray for the missionaries we support, especially Tom & Vicki Hall (the 1st fT missionaries sent out from CP). Pray about going on a short-term mission trip yourself.
Day 11                  acts 20:28
One year ago, this church family took a faith step to expand our family. We started a satellite church at Heritage. For those of you who worship there, today is all about you & your site. Pray for Pastor Devon & the Heritage leadership. Pray for a greater outreach & needed finances to come in. Pray for God to work mightily there.
Day 12                romans 10:14
Let’s ask God to give us, individually and together, a greater ache for those who don’t walk with Him. Ask God to give all of us a greater urgency to share the Good News of Christ. Ask God for the boldness to “tell His story by telling our story.”
Day 13          hebrews 10:24-25
Today, pray for the Small Groups at CenterPointe. Besides Sunday morning, our community, ministry, and Bible study groups are the primary ways for us to mentor one another. Pray for more leaders and an ever-greater involvement. no one grows in isolation.
Day 14                 isaiah 56:7
Pray that CenterPointe would be a house of prayer. Ask God to use these 21 days to strengthen our personal prayer lives, and in so doing, strengthen the prayer life of our church. “His presence is uniquely realized, and His power is dramatically released, when God’s people unite in prayer.”
Day 15          matthew 28:19-20
City Fest is a three-day festival coming to South Brevard. This is an inter-church outreach hosted by the Palau Ministries. More than 100 churches have partnered together for this festival. Pray for finances and great weather. Pray for thousands of people to come to Christ.
Day 16                  joshua 1:9 Today, we lift up our first responders in prayer. Our police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics are usually the first on the scene and often put their lives on the line. As God leads you, pray for them today.
Day 17                 micah 6:8
As elections approach, pray for God to put godly people in place to serve as our leaders. Pray for voters to seek God’s best. Pray these leaders will lead in a just and righteous way.
Day 18          colossians 1:9
There are many great churches & Christian organizations in the Palm Bay/Melbourne area. Today pray for them. If you can, pray for them by name. If you are not familiar with all or most, you can pray in general terms. God knows each one by name.
Day 19            proverbs 31:8-9 
Pray for our neighbors who are struggling financially. Pray for those who are unemployed or underemployed. Pray for the children down the block who go to bed hungry. Pray for prosperity to replace poverty. Ask God what he wants you to do.
Day 20                 hebrews 6:10
Pray for the Food Pantry, Back 2 School, and other ministries that serve the physical needs of our neighbors. While these ministries are church-related, they are city-focused. Be sure to pray for the leaders. remember, there’s not a spot where god is not.
Day 21          jeremiah 29:7
Pray blessing over the city. Praying a blessing is praying for God’s favor. Pray that God would expand businesses in Palm Bay and Melbourne. May he raise up entrepreneurs and bring in corporations. Ask and keep asking for a revival that brings spiritual transformation.