Giving to the local church is the primary way God calls us to support His work. It not only enables the church to live out God’s purposes but more importantly it is part of our individual worship. In giving, we express our thanks, our dependence, and our trust. By sacrificially and cheerfully giving, God grows us and uses us.
At CenterPointe the financial resources are used to support our local ministry, outreaches into the community, and in specific areas throughout the country and world.
We believe and teach the importance of tithing (giving 10% of your income to the church you attend). If you live outside our region and feel compelled to support the ongoing ministry of CenterPointe (above and beyond regular giving to your local church) we appreciate your support. The Bible calls this “offerings.”
As Christ sacrificed for us, we gladly sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel, realizing all we have is His.